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A majority of users utilize their home Wi-Fi network for checking their emails and social media feeds. Many often overlook the fact that their internet router comes with a 1 Ghz Dual-Core processor, which is best suited for this purpose. There are users who do not understand what difference the router processing power makes in relation to the speed and connection quality of the wireless network.

However, if you are a heavy internet user who indulges in online gaming, video streaming, and downloading heavy files; then you might need to consider the processing power. This is owing to the fact that the processor is the brain of the router and produces the bandwidth to be allocated to devices. In short, the more wireless data available, the more wireless sessions will be used along with more CPU (Core Processing Unit) power.

What should I look for when purchasing a router for my home or office use?
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The technical professionals at the Linksys Router Support Canada have come up with some points that you should remember when looking for an efficient router. These will help you get the best router for your home or office settings. Kindly pay attention to the guidelines mentioned below;


  • Multi Support

In case you have been facing bad network when trying to stream HD videos, play online games; the time has come for you to not change your internet connection but your internet router. Your router processor might not be able to handle so many sessions at once. The Linksys Router Support Canada suggests that you choose a Dual-Core processor based router that will provide you extra power to carry out multitasking without any issues.


  • Advanced Features

A number of routers these days present users with advanced technology such as Smart Connect and Tri-Band. These help Wi-Fi users in connecting more than a single device to the network. 


  • Increased Capabilities

Many Dual-Core processor routers come with media sharing capabilities for the users. With a Dual-Core processor, you have enough power to carry out multitasking without any issue. This means that if your router has more than two USB ports, you can easily use all the ports without feeling the pinch of a poor network. 


  • Bottlenecking

You are paying to your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and not able to get the right network speed, it might be the fault of your internet router. Low processor speeds can create a bandwidth bottleneck so even if you are paying for the high-quality service, you might never get it. We at the Linksys Router Support Canada recommend that before going for another pack to get enhanced speed, ensure that your router has at least Dual-Core processing capabilities.


How can I connect with the Linksys Router Support experts?You can easily connect with the highly skilled and trained Linksys Router Support experts via toll-free number at (1-888-479-2017). 

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